University Communications and Public Affairs



Directional Angles

For us, angles do more than draw the eye; they symbolize our forward trajectory and upward momentum.

Intentional Harmony

Detail is at the core of our photography. We capture harmony between subject/foreground and landscape/background to create polished, yet candid, compositions.

Heroic Scale

Using this standout photographic style, we present ourselves as a campus full of people who go against the grain and forge their own path.


This captivating aesthetic gives a subliminal nod to the brilliance of our campus and its environment, and the bright futures it promises.

Highlighting Form

We are anything but uninspired. To showcase our campus in the best light, we capture unique architectural perspectives, emphasizing angles, symmetry, creative use of scale, and nonlinear structure.


The following are some pointers to keep in mind when choosing photography to best portray UC San Diego.


Include people whenever possible, even when the focus is a building or other inanimate object. This shows that our students, faculty, and alumni are always at our core.


Try to show the creative process, as well as the result. Showing people making or doing things helps you connect with your audience.


Avoid overly staged, stocklike photography. Stock images can look artificial and often lack impact.


Always use high-resolution images. Low-resolution images make a project look unprofessional.


Nothing says UC San Diego like sunshine. Try to use natural lighting whenever possible. Studio lighting can look staged and may not connect with your audience.

Know whom you’re talking to

Always consider your audience. Determine what they may relate to best when selecting an image. We’d use different imagery to convey a message to a student than we would to alumni, faculty, or the public.

Consider Impact

Shots that are meaningful to you and your colleagues may not resonate with your viewers. Always consider how to create interest and generate curiosity.