University Communications and Public Affairs



At UC San Diego our most cherished tradition is challenging tradition.

We are

  • rebellious
  • nimble
  • the future
  • brave

There are a lot of universities that have been around longer than we have. And, while they may be steeped in tradition, we prefer not to be too anchored to the past. The mindset and approaches that differentiate us from traditional institutions are the very same things that we see as an advantage—allowing us to break rules, experiment, and stare setbacks in the face without flinching. To us, these are the stepping stones on the path toward groundbreaking.

What we do

We provide fresh thinking that drives innovation far beyond the walls of our campus, and we do it in ways that other universities don’t.

How we do it

We push boundaries, challenge expectations, and redefine conventional wisdom. And we’re not afraid to learn from our mistakes along the way.

Why we do it

We believe that taking things apart, learning what makes them tick, then putting them back together is the way to make a better world.


We are rebellious.

Our campus is different. Our culture is different. Our faculty is different. So it’s no wonder that so many of our students become standouts in their chosen fields.

We are nimble.

Our entrepreneurial attitude, edgy creativity, and high energy keep us ahead of trends in education—providing truly unique opportunities for our students, staff, and faculty.

We are the future.

The world is tired of too much tradition, and so is UC San Diego. It’s no wonder we look to our innovators and disruptors, and pride ourselves in fresh, results-oriented thinking.

We are brave.

We don’t fear failure. We embrace it as a necessary byproduct of innovation. We believe that when we empower our students with the courage to create, they’ll end up shocking the world.