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The Government & Community Relations (GCR) department serves as the primary liaison between UC San Diego and federal, state and local government entities on issues affecting higher education, research and health care. GCR also fosters relationships between the university and community groups and leaders to create a positive impact on our region and around the world.


Advocacy efforts keep our legislators, and others who have a stake in higher education, informed and up-to-date on UC San Diego’s achievements, initiatives and impact. We can help with your advocacy efforts and we want you to join ours.

Government & Community Relations Staff Contact Information

Community and Local

Anu Delouri
Assistant Director, Community Planning

Phone: (858) 822-0150
Email: adelouri@ucsd.edu

Alyssa Helper
Senior Community Planner

Phone: (858) 534-3860
Email: ahelper@ucsd.edu

David Mier
Director, Health Community Relations

Phone: (858) 333-1657
Email: dmier@ucsd.edu

Denise Serrano
Director, Local Government Relations

Phone: (858) 201-0715
Email: d2serrano@ucsd.edu

Irma Velasco
Director, Campus & Community Relations

Phone: (858) 534-6862
Email: ivelasco@ucsd.edu

State and Federal

Christine Castillo
Federal Government Relations, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Phone: (858) 822-3370
Email: cdcastillo@ucsd.edu

Kaitlin Chell
Executive Director, Government & Community Relations

Phone: (858) 449-9737
Email: kchell@ucsd.edu

Ian Clampett
State & Local Government Relations

Phone: (858) 414-1919
Email: iclampett@ucsd.edu

Emmet Hollingshead
External Relations Specialist

Phone: (858) 822-0050
Email: ehollingshead@ucsd.edu

Rudy Murillo
Director, State Government Relations

Phone: (858) 822-1509
Email: rpmurillo@ucsd.edu

Angela Philips Diaz
Executive Director, Government Research Relations

Phone: (202) 974-6323
Email: apdiaz@ucsd.edu

Kathleen Ritzman
Assistant Director, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Phone: (858) 534-4849
Email: kritzman@ucsd.edu

Loressa Uson
Government Relations Analyst

Phone: (202) 974-6323
Email: muson@ucsd.edu

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